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KYAE Staff Listed by Service Topics

Audits -- Terry Pruitt -- (502) 573-1555, ext. 247
Bluegrass State Skills Corporation -- 
Reecie Stagnolia
Common Core Standards --
Gayle Box

Contracts -- Terry Pruitt -- (502) 573-1555, ext. 247
Corrections Education -- 
David Walters
Curriculum --
Gayle Box 

English as a Second Language -- Joyce Bullock
English Literacy/Civics -- 
Joyce Bullock
Fiscal -- 
Terry Pruitt -- (502) 573-1555, ext. 247 and Ashley Smither -- (502) 573-1555, ext. 250
GED® Database -- 
Rae Smith 

GED® Information -- Rae Smith
GED® Testing Centers -- 
Rae Smith
Instruction --
Gayle Box and Jacqueline Korengal

Integrated Education and Training -- Sharon Johnston

Internal Communications -- Jacqueline Korengal and Missy Brownson
Invoices -- 
Ashley Smither -- (502) 573-1555, ext. 250
ITTS (Instruction Targeted for TABE Success) -- 
David Walters

KAERS (Kentucky Adult Education Reporting System) -- 
Terry Tackett, Tammy Powers or David Walters

Learning Differences (LD) Issues -- Donna Potter or Joyce Bullock 

Legislative Issues -- Reecie Stagnolia

Local Program Budget Issues -- Terry Pruitt -- (502) 573-1555, ext. 247 

Local Workforce Investment Boards (LWIBS) -- Reecie Stagnolia
Marketing -- Missy Brownson

McDowell Center -- 
David Walters
Media Inquiries -- 
Sue Patrick -- (502) 573-1555, ext. 308

National Career Readiness Certificate -- David Walters

GED Ready test (Official Practice Test for GED®) Computer-based Assessment -- Rae Smith
Paraeducator Assessments --
David Walters

Performance and Accountability Policy -- David Walters

Performance Measures -- Terry Tackett or David Walters
Performance Reports (AERIN) -- 
Terry Tackett
Perkins Rehabilitation Center -- 
David Walters
Policy and Procedure Manual -- 
Jacqueline Korengal
PowerPath -- Donna Potter or
Joyce Bullock

Professional Development -- Joyce Bullock 
Professional Development Allocations --
Terry Pruitt -- (502) 573-1555, ext. 247
Program Improvement --
David Walters
Recruitment and Outreach --
Missy Brownson

Special Learning Needs -- Joyce Bullock

State and Federal Funding -- Reecie Stagnolia

Statistical Charts and Graphs -- Terry Tackett and Toni Quire

Training Material Development -- Joyce Bullock

Transitions -- Sharon Johnston

Website -- Toni Quire

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Last Updated 3/31/2014
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