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GED® Information for Educators

There must be a clear separation between GED® instruction and GED® testing to protect the integrity of the GED® test. This page contains information about the GED® test written specifically for adult education professionals to help better prepare students for the GED® test.

For more information concerning the 2014 GED® test, go to


Kentucky High School Equivalency Diploma KCTCS Pathway

Press Release (125K PDF)

Kentucky High School Equivalency Diploma Regulation

Approved Credit-bearing Courses (172K PDF)

Application for High School Equivalency Diploma KCTCS Pathway (289K PDF)



When to call the state GED® office (430K PDF)

New Resources/Presentations from 2018 COABE (74K PDF)

Age Waiver Webinar, September 5 and 6, 2018 (1KB MP4 Video)


Important Links

Age Alert: 2015 Documentation of Withdrawal Form (320K PDF)

Request a GED® record

Alternative sentencing regulation

Top tips for writing extended responses (237K PDF)

2014 GED® Test FAQ for Educators

2014 GED® Testing Information for Kentucky


Latest GED® information sent to program directors and instructors

March 17, 2017: Sign-up for a GED Manager™ Webinar this week: How to use your Interested Student List (192K PDF)

November 3, 2016: FROM CODY: Can we reach our GED® goal? Yes, we can! (113K PDF)

October 27, 2016: Info about GEDTS® Extended GED® Savings email (253K PDF)
October 27, 2016: Register Now for GEDPrep Connect™ FAQs webinar (137K PDF)

September 22, 2016: Top 10 Classroom Strategies and Techniques - Upcoming GEDTS® Webinar (156K PDF)
September 19, 2016: New report shows benefits of Kentuckians earning GED® diplomas (161K PDF)

June 14, 2016: DON'T FORGET!//Join us tomorrow for #GEDGradDay (220K PDF)
June 6, 2016: COMING SOON: GED® Grad Day! (284K PDF)
June 1, 2016: IMPORTANT INFO: FY 2017 GED® voucher info and GED® testing cost coverage (103K PDF)

March 17, 2016: CLARIFICATION: College Ready and College Ready™ + Credit performance levels (113K PDF)
March 2, 2016: More high-performing programs + GED® data (92K PDF)

February 2, 2016: GED® test scheduling for those with Ready™ test scores 145-149 (240K PDF)

January 28, 2016: Passing score for the GED® test changes (205K PDF)
January 26, 2016: KYAE accepts new passing score for GED® test (586K PDF)