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Orientation and Intake

The KYAE Implementation Guidelines explains the criteria for enrollment in adult education services. The success of an adult education program begins with effective intake and orientation procedures. The KYAE Implementation Guidelines are located on the KAERS website after logging in at



Orientation PowerPoint template (4,862K PPT)

Community Services Referral Directory template (17K WORD)

Barrier Busters and Support Strengtheners (88K PDF)

Orientation Student Survey (109K PDF)

Learning Plan (55K PDF)

VARK Learning Styles Questionnaire (143K PDF)

Intake/Orientation Recommendations Based Upon Research/Best Practices (40 PDF)

Goal Setting (109K PDF)

Orientation Certificate of Completion template (1,125K PUBLISHER)

Motivational Quotes from GED® Graduates (492K PDF)

Student Commitment Contract (27K PDF)

Orientation Appointment Card template (16K WORD)

Blank Check template (597K WORD)