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Professional Development

Welcome to the Kentucky Skills U professional development website! Under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) of 2014, Congress revitalized and transformed the public workforce system so that we have a stronger foundation to connect Americans of all walks of life into high-quality jobs and ensure that businesses have access to the skilled talent that will help grow their businesses. As we support WIOA’s vision, our mission in Kentucky is to promote student achievement by fostering educational excellence through quality professional development.

Research has shown that educator quality and instructional leadership are the most important factors in raising learner achievement. For adult educators to be as effective as possible, they must continually expand their knowledge and skills to implement the best educational practices. Through KY Skills U professional development, adult educators learn to help adult students learn at the highest levels.

Below you will find information that will support adult educators as they provide services to Kentuckians.

Professional Development information

2016-17 Professional Development Handbook (1,644 K PDF)

2016-17 Professional Development Calendar and Facilitators (275K PDF)

2016-17 Professional Development Courses Syllabi

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March 15, 2017: KY Skills U Lesson Bank Webinar video (6,530K MP4)

March 13, 2017: New KY Skills U Lesson Bank launches (120K PDF)

January 5, 2017: Submit lesson plan NOW for future opportunities! (166K PDF)


Forms and other information

2016-17 College Course Request for Approval Form (48K WORD)

2016-17 Conference Attendance Approval Form (189K WORD)

2016-17 Local Orientation for New Instructors Form (184K WORD)

2016-17 Local Professional Development Request Approval Form (191K WORD)

2016-17 Professional Development Exemption Request Form (186K WORD)


KET Resources

Guide to the Common Core Standards: Kentucky Adult Education (2012) - a special collection on KET Teachers' Domain

Unpacking Standards Video and Handouts
Aligning Resources to Standards Video and Handouts
Identifying Lead Standards
Creating Units of Instruction