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Recruitment, Retention, Branding & Partnerships Resources

These resources have been created to assist you in recruiting and retaining your students.

All customizable materials are in Microsoft Word or Publisher. To personalize with your information, simply scroll over the text in the editable text boxes and type in your own information.

We want both you and your students to meet your goals; please let us know how these materials are working for you and if you have any suggestions for other ways in which we may assist you in your communications, recruitment and retention efforts.

Follow the links below to access resources:


Trainstorming -- The materials found here are used in Trainstorming sessions and webinars.


Recruitment -- The downloadable, customizable marketing pieces found here are designed to help you recruit a variety of targeted audiences.


Retention -- The materials found here are designed to support your efforts in recognizing and retaining your students. 


Branding -- The downloadable, customizable branding pieces found here are designed to help you promote Skills U services in your county.


Partnerships -- The materials found here are designed to support your efforts in developing and sustaining community and business partnerships.