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National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC)
  • Provides skill-based credentials to Kentuckians to help them secure employment.
  • Provides employers with workers that have documented skills proficiencies.
  • Certifies applicants who employers can hire with confidence.

The NCRC is based on three WorkKeys® skill areas:

  • Reading for Information
  • Applied Math
  • Locating Information

To earn an NCRC, a person must take all three assessments.  The NCRC is then awarded in three levels:

  • Silver - for a score of 4 on all three assessments
  • Gold - for a score of 5 on all three assessments
  • Platinum - for a score of 6 on all three assessments 

To learn more about the NCRC, contact Joe Paul at or 502-782-3035.  These services will be provided free of charge to adult education eligible students.

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Verifying a GED®

KYAE does not verify an employee's or potential employee's GED® status by phone or e-mail. The process and the request form are available here.


Last Updated 5/14/2015
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