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Accelerating Opportunity Kentucky (AOKY)

Hiring qualified employees has never been easier!

All KYAE programs have access to curricula to prepare students for Kentucky's top employment sectors. Click here to view the KYAE Skills U Lesson Bank.

Every adult education student has multiple opportunities to learn, practice and master the skills needed to get a job and keep a job. Click here to access Kentucky Skills U Employability Standards overview.

Through Accelerating Opportunity Kentucky (AOKY), qualified GED®-seeking students have the chance to earn college credit and certifications in high-demand fields. Click here to learn more about AOKY.

When you hire an Accelerating Opportunity Kentucky (AOKY) student, you are hiring someone who has:

About AOKY

AOKY is a technical training program that combines contextualized GED® preparation with technical skills training to help prepare individuals for a high-demand job.

AOKY, a partnership between Kentucky Adult Education, the Kentucky Department of Workforce Investment/KY Career Centers and the Kentucky Community and Technical College System, offers an accelerated pathway to employment by allowing qualified GED®-seeking students to:

To watch an AOKY student in action, click here.

Contact your local AOKY program coordinator for more information by clicking here.