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Guiding Legislation

  1. 13 KAR 3:010
    GED Testing Program
  2. 13 KAR 3:020
    Provision of instruction for individuals sentenced by a court to participate in educational programs.
  3. 13 KAR 3:030
    Qualifications for progressing satisfactorily through a GED program.
  4. 13 KAR 3:040
    GED Incentives Program
  5. 13 KAR 3:050
    GED eligibility requirements
  6. KRS 154.24-090
    The Kentucky Adult Education Program: Administrative Regulations to Include Criteria for Approval of Eligible Companies
  7. KRS 161.750
    The Kentucky Adult Education Program: Nonrenewal of Limited Contracts
  8. KRS 151B.402​
    Legislative findings relating to need for high school equivalency diplomas -- Incentives -- Administrative regulations -- Learning contracts -- Tuition discounts -- Tax credit for employers.
  9. KRS 151B.403
    Equivalents to standard high school diploma -- Diploma through examination -- External diploma program.
  10. KRS 151B.404
  11. KRS 164.0207​
    Collaborative Center for Literacy Development: Early Childhood through Adulthood -- Duties -- Report
  12. KRS 151B.406
    Kentucky Adult Education Program -- Educational strategy and responsibilities -- Organization -- Sole agency for developing and approving state plans.
  13. KRS 151B.407
    Foundation for Adult Education  

  14. KRS 151B.408
    Adult education learning system -- Services -- Duties and responsibilities of the Kentucky Adult Education Program.
  15. KRS 164.035
    Needs assessment for adult education and workforce development
  16. KRS 151B.409​
    Adult education and literacy initiative fund
  17. KRS 164.7911
    The Kentucky Adult Education Program: Strategic Investment and Incentive Funding Program -Trust Funds -Interest -Appropriations

  18. SB1 
    An Act relating to education and declaring an emergency.

  19. An Act relating to legal proceedings and making an appropriation therefor.

  20. An Act relating to alternative education.

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