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Mathematical Reasoning Resources

The Resources for Mathematical Reasoning page is provided for your convenience and quick reference.

2015-16 CCRS and 2014 GED® Mathematical Reasoning Institute

(Bonnie Goonen and Susan Pittman)

Algebraic Thinking in Adult Education (661K PDF) – This paper by Myrna Manly and Lynda Ginsburg explores the role of algebra in the adult education mathematics instruction. Based on the research, they offer suggestions for revising mathematics instruction and supporting classroom practice.

Annenberg Learner - Courses of study in such areas as algebra, geometry, and real-world mathematics. The Annenberg Foundation provides numerous professional development activities or just the opportunity to review information in specific areas of study.

Atomic Learning – Tutorials for the TI 30XS MultiView™ Calculator and emulator.

Federal Resources for Educational Excellence (FREE) – Teaching and learning resources from a variety of federal agencies. This portal provides access to free resources.

Florida’s Institute for the Professional Development of Adult Educators – Florida Adult Education has made their resources available to adult educators anywhere. Go to the Lessons tab to find CCRS aligned lessons designed for adult education students.

Geometry Center (University of Minnesota) – This site is filled with information and activities for different levels of geometry.

Illuminations - Great lesson plans for all areas of mathematics at all levels from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM).

Inside Mathematics - A professional resource for educators, including classroom examples of innovative teaching methods and insights into student learning.

Khan Academy - A library of over 2,600 videos covering everything from arithmetic to physics, finance, and history and 211 practice exercises.

The Math Dude - A full video curriculum for the basics of algebra.

Math Games (1,288K PDF) - Practicing the Basics Is Fun!- This pdf from Bonnie and Susan offers 37 pages of various math games that can easily be played in the adult education classroom. Link from the Table of Contents to various math topics, from whole numbers to integers, number lines to calculator activities. Games make learning mathematics fun!

Math Planet - Math Planet is a dedicated website to the advancement of mathematics.

Math Playground - The Math Playground includes both simple and more complex algebra puzzles. This site is highly interactive and a great place for students to practice their reasoning skills.

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives for Math - All types of virtual manipulatives for use in the classroom from algebra tiles to fraction strips. This is a great site for students who need to see the “why” of math.

Online Resources for Teaching and Strengthening Fundamental, Quantitative, Mathematical, and Statistical Skills (NICHE) - A wide array of resources for the different types of mathematical skills.

PBS Teacher Source – Lesson plans and lots of activities are included in the teacher section of PBS.

The Problem Corner – An archive collection of hundreds of non-routine, rich math problems preserved from the Ohio Resource Center (ORC) website. Problems include content from pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and pre-calculus for grades 6-12, featuring Stella’s Stunners and Rich Math Problems.

Teacher Guide for the TI-30XS MultiView™ Calculator – A guide to assist you in using the new calculator, along with a variety of lesson plans for the classroom.

TES - With more than 2.3 million registered online users in over 270 countries and territories, TES provides a wealth of free resources in all academic areas.

Teachers Pay Teachers – This virtual marketplace allows educators to buy, sell and share original teaching resources. Free resources, as well as some at a minimal cost, created by teachers can be found for any level or content area.

Working with Algebra Tiles – An online workshop that provides the basics of using algebra tiles in the classroom.

Active Learning in Adult Numeracy

(Steve Hinds)

Steve Hinds, director of the Active Learning in Adult Numeracy project, led a functions workshop for KYAE instructors in 2014. Video clips from the workshop along with background essays written by Steve to explain the videos can be viewed on KET’s PBS Learning Media.

General Math Instruction

Adult Numeracy Network (ANN) – ANN is a professional community for adult education math instructors, and is affiliated with the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM). “We are a community dedicated to quality mathematics instruction at the adult level. We support each other, we encourage collaboration and leadership, and we influence policy and practice in adult math instruction.”

COABE Adult Education Resources – Designed to help adult education math instructors, this resource from COABE offers ideas for teaching math content, preparing for high school equivalency exams, shifting instruction from worksheets to tasks, math games, and much more.

CollectEdNY - This website is full of high-quality teaching resources identified and reviewed by New York State adult educators. Of special interest to math instructors is the CUNY HSE Math Curriculum Framework and Math Memos.

CUNY HSE Mathematics Curriculum Framework – To meet the demands of the new HSE tests, the City University of New York (CUNY) offers curriculum frameworks for math, science and social studies. The mathematics framework is an instructional guide including curriculum maps, descriptions of topic units and illustrative lesson plans.

Estimation 180 – This site from Andrew Stadel presents a new estimation challenge for each day of the year designed to improve both student number sense and problem solving skills.

EngageNY – Find complete lesson plans aligned to the CCSS at New York State’s free site. They offer a complete math curriculum. – From Microsoft Office and email to reading, math, and more, offers more than 180 topics, including more than 2,000 lessons, 800+ videos, and 55+ interactives and games, completely free.

HippoCampus – A free repository for all content areas, hippocampus offers several math collections; e.g., The NROC Project, WHY U, Khan Academy, STEMbite, New Mexico State University’s Learning Games Lab. Click here for the KYAE Skills U customized version.

Illustrative Mathematics – This site makes it easy to find math tasks, lesson plans and other resources that address the CCSS and the Standards for Mathematical Practice.

Learnzillion – After creating a free account, instructors have access to a full K-8 math curriculum and video lesson library aligned to the CCSS. This is a good resource for the flipped classroom.

NYC Community of Adult Math Instructors (CAMI) - The NYC Community of Adult Math Instructors (CAMI) meet monthly to do math together, thereby making “deep connections between our own learning and our teaching.” Go to their website to learn more about their math circles.

Open Middle – Recommended by the Adult Numeracy Network (ANN), Open Middle offers challenging problems at all levels with a “closed beginning” (they start with the same initial problem), a “closed end” (they all end with the same answer), but an “open middle” (multiple ways to approach and solve the problem).

Teaching Channel - With a free account, see videos of K-12 instruction, get ideas for teaching to the CCSS, download lesson plans, and more.

Visual Patterns - Find all levels of patterns to explore with your students as they learn to reason algebraically.

YouCubed – This website sponsored by Stanford University is dedicated to research-based strategies for teaching math well and bringing about “high levels of student engagement and achievement.” With a free account, find math tasks, videos, teaching methods, and more.

Mathematical Brainteasers

The sites below contain free math brain teasers, riddles and puzzles.

Books Referenced in KY Skills U Mathematics Professional Development

Building Powerful Numeracy for Middle and High School Students, by Pamela Weber Harris
Lesson and Activities for Building Powerful Numeracy, by Pamela Weber Harris

The Common Core Mathematics Companion: The Standards Decoded, by Linda M. Gojak and Ruth Harbin Miles

Every Minute Counts: Making Your Math Class Work, by David R. Johnson
Making Minutes Count Even More: A Sequel to Every Minute Counts, by David R. Johnson
Motivation Counts: Teaching Techniques That Work, by David R. Johnson

Making Number Talks Matter, by Cathy Humphreys and Ruth Parker

Making Sense of Algebra: Developing Students’ Mathematical Habits of Mind, by E. Paul Goldenberg, June Mark, Jane M. Kang, Mary K. Fries, Cynthia J. Carter and Tracy Cordner

Math: Facing an American Phobia, by Marilyn Burns

Principles to Actions: Ensuring Mathematical Success for All, by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

KY Skills U Mathematics Initiatives

2016-17 EMPower Plus Mathematics Pilot Final Report - KYAE Skills U programs in nineteen counties piloted the lessons in the EMPower Plus Everyday Number Sense: Mental Math and Visual Models unit to determine the effectiveness of using a curriculum that presents math using real-world applications.  This final report presents the data collected over the nine-month pilot.


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