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KESC Overview

Kentucky Essential Skills Certificate (KESC)

The KESC is a certification your future (and current) employees can earn when they successfully complete the online WIN Soft Skills course, available FREE at your local adult education program!

Individuals earn the KESC as part of an academic program of study and in pursuit of other stackable credentials, which may include the National Career Readiness Certificate and/or the GED® diploma. The KESC certifies that an individual has successfully completed coursework in:

  • Communicating effectively
  • Conveying professionalism
  • Promoting teamwork and collaboration
  • Thinking critically and solving problems

The following fliers can be used to increase awareness among current and future employees:

Verify a GED®

Kentucky Skills U does not verify an employee's or potential employee's GED® status by phone or e-mail. The process and the request form are available here.


Contact Anna Larson at or call 502-892-3509, for further information.