My Story Reimagined

My Story Reimagined chronicles the lives of real Kentuckians who have been empowered to reach their full potential through Kentucky Adult Education. From GED credentials to certifications to associate degrees and beyond, our free programs and services provide the training and skills needed for a higher-paying job, a more rewarding career and a better life.​​

Danielo Pickett

Danielo Pickett came to Bowling Green from his native Haiti, where he was just one month away from graduating high school when a devastating earthquake struck. After relocating to Kentucky, Danielo earned his G.E.D. through Kentucky Adult Education. “If you have the GED, it opens many doors to help you get further where you want to go,” says Danielo. Today he is a welder, and is on track to become a process engineer.

Maria Hill

Bullying kept Maria from finishing high school and getting her diploma. But thanks to Kentucky Adult Education, she was able to get her G.E.D. in just three months. “After I got my GED, I cried,“ says Maria. “I was just ecstatic. I have officially conquered something that I thought that I was a failure at.” Maria is currently working on her Master’s degree and looking forward to reaching her life and career goals.

Kelli Jo Blair

Kelli Jo Blair loved being a mom and wife, but she wanted something just for herself. Without a high school diploma, that seemed impossible. So she got her G.E.D through Kentucky Adult Education, and now there’s no looking back. According to Kelli Jo, she’s well on her way to reaching her full potential. “Now I’m in graduate school and I realize I can be anything I can dream of.”

Bonnie Sprinkles

Bonnie Sprinkles had only a fourth-grade education, largely due to a learning disability and memory problem that made school extra challenging. But today she has her G.E.D. through Kentucky Adult Education, and her future has never looked brighter. In fact, she’s launchecd a successful career with the state of Kentucky. “I have never felt better about myself now that I have my GED.”

Mason Hampton

Being surrounded by substance abuse, Mason Hampton found it almost impossible to get the education he needed to be a successful adult. He knew getting his G.E.D. through Kentucky Adult Education was the first step to realizing his dream of becoming a nurse. “I wouldn’t be able to be in nursing if it weren’t for my GED certificate.”

Sheng Xia Ding

When Sheng Xia Ding came to Kentucky from China, she couldn’t speak English. Now she can, after completing an English as a Second Language program and getting her G.E.D. through Kentucky Adult Education. “The GED can give me a better future and a better life, and I can be a role model for my kids.”