Policy Guidance


  • WIOA
    Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act.
    Adult Education and Literacy.
    Office of Career, Technical and Adult Education.
  • SB1
    An Act relating to education and declaring an emergency.
  • SB90
    An Act relating to legal proceedings and making an appropriation therefore.
  • HB194
    An Act relating to alternative education.
  • House Bill 7
  • KRS 154.24-090
    The Kentucky Adult Education Program: Administrative Regulations to Include Criteria for Approval of Eligible Companies.
  • KRS 151B.402
    Legislative findings relating to need for High School Equivalency Diplomas -- Incentives -- Administrative regulations -- Learning contracts-- Tuition discounts -- Tax credit for employers.
  • KRS 151B.403
    Equivalents to standard high school diploma -- Diploma through examination -- External diploma program.
  • KRS 151B.404
  • KRS 151B.406
    Kentucky Adult Education Program -- Educational strategy and responsibilities -- Organization -- Sole agency for developing and approving state plans.
  • KRS 151B.407
    Foundation for Adult Education.
  • KRS 151B.408
    Adult education learning system -- Services -- Duties and responsibilities of the Kentucky Adult Education Program.
  • KRS 151B.409
    Adult education and literacy initiative fund.
  • KRS 164.035
    Needs assessment for adult education and workforce development.
  • KRS 164.0207
    Collaborative Center for Literacy Development: Early Childhood through Adulthood -- Duties -- Report.
  • KRS 533.286
    Vocational assessment -- Individualized employment plan.
  • KRS 158.360
    Family literacy services.

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