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Below you’ll find answers to some common questions about how Kentucky Office of Adult Education provides the skills you need for a better-paying job and a more rewarding career.​

Click on Contact Us to find a KY Adult Education center near you. The enrollment process consists of intake/registration and determination of skills eligibility. Program staff are available to support students academically and with other resources to ease their educational journey.

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Yes, all GED®-seekers are required to pass the GED Ready® Test in all four of the GED® subject areas, which include Mathematical Reasoning, Reasoning Through Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science. Local KYAE staff ​are ready to prepare students to take the GED® Ready test.

Eligible individuals taking their first GED® exam in any subject will qualify for free testing. Local KYAE staff will assist you with free GED® Ready testing and qualifications for free GED® testing. (GED® Testing Service offers discounts for retests in certain ​circumstances.)

Go to and create an account. Once you have passed a subject area GED® Ready test in Mathematical Reasoning, Reasoning Through Language Arts, Social Studies, or Science, you can schedule your corresponding GED® test. KYAE local program staff can help you create your account and pass the GED® Ready tests.

KYAE offers:

  • Free academic preparation for the GED® test
  • Free GED Ready® testing
  • Transition to post-secondary education, and training/employment
  • English as a second ​language
  • Family Literacy
  • Workforce Education/Certifications
  • Corrections Education

No, individuals may take the GED Ready® test at their own expense and then use the free GED® promo code online. However, program staff stand ready to support Kentuckians academically and with other resources to ease your educational journey. The KYAE enrollment ​process consists of intake/registration and determination of skills eligibility.

​Testing accommodations are available for the GED® test for those with documented disabilities. Individuals with documented disabilities should specify the need for accommodations under the personal information in their profile at their MyGED® account at Test-takers should work directly with the accommodations team at the GED Testing Service® to apply for testing accommodations. With permission from the test-taker, the educator can be designated as an advocate and assist the test-taker with the accommodations request process. A test-taker who indicates that they require modifications on the GED® test will be presented with an option to select the extended time GED® test even if it has not yet been approved. When students who indicate they need to request modified testing conditions login to purchase the GED Ready® Practice Test, they will see a link asking if they need information about the GED Ready® Practice Test with extended time accommodations. Students who click on the link will be given a Customer Support phone number to call and order the appropriate test. The use of extended testing time on the GED Ready® Practice Test does not guarantee this accommodation will be approved for the GED® test. If additional accommodations are needed on the practice test, please email for guidance.